How Gamevice Are Taking Control To A New Level

In recent years the amount spent, in both time and money, on mobile gaming has accelerated faster than cars do on Gran Turismo

Some of the stats are simply mind blowing, for example, worldwide revenue from mobile gaming is expected to reach £30 billion in 2018, while the percentage of the world’s population playing mobile games is at an astounding 26%, expected to jump to over 31% in the next 5 years. To put this figure in context, participation in sports is just 9% across the world!

To cater for the current and future demand, software designers and hardware manufacturers have an abundance of opportunity, but only if the products they are creating match the expectations and the desires of the billions of gamers we mentioned previously.

One company which is servicing the demand for user-friendly and innovative hardware is Gamevice – the creators of a gaming controller with the same name. The Gamevice controller connects easily to your smartphone and provides gaming control which is light years ahead of playing games solely using just the touchscreen.

Forget Nintendo, Switch to the Gamevice

There is a version for both Android and iOS phones, meaning the Gamevice is compatible with an astounding 99.6% of new phones. When in play, its memory and processing speed put it on a par with most of the best-known gaming consoles around.

The controller connects to either side of the smartphone and, once in play, it has all the functionality players need – such as a joystick, directional control and triggers. The game sound is crystal clear thanks to the speaker grills on the front and there is also a carry case available.

Pilot your own fun with real-world applications

Controlling superheroes, driving racing cars, or flying a 747 within a mobile game means that your level of control is only virtual. In other words what you are controlling is never the real thing…until now!

Gamevice have taken control to a new level. Their controller can now link to real-world products such as drones. Great news for fans of the drones which Modus Brands supply – the Gamevice controller can even be used to control the DJI Spark.

Interconnectivity with highly sought-after products

The DJI Spark is four-rotor mini-drone, which is one of the most popular in the world – for both professional drone users, and those who simply fly for pleasure. It has a long battery life, impressive controller range and an excellent video camera, allowing the user to take stunning aerial shots when the drone is airborne.

gamevice with dji spark

The Gamevice controller can be connected to your smartphone and linked wirelessly to the DJI Spark drone. Using the controller, you can customise which buttons correspond to which drone controls such as the directional keys, gimbal tilt and the capture button for the camera.

After less than a minute of setup, you can now fly your DJI Spark, take awesome airborne videos, max out on the fun you are having, and always be in total control – thanks to the Gamevice controller.

Quality in innovation, always

Modus Brands are extremely proud to supply our customers with such an impressive and popular drone as the DJI Spark. Following in this ethos, we are proud to announce that we will soon be introducing the Gamevice controller to our range of products.

Not only will this mean that we supply one of the top mini-drones in the world, we will also have one of the most innovative gaming controllers in the world available too. The fact that both are compatible with, and perfectly complement each other, makes it a doubly exciting step forward for us.

Our partnership with Gamevice is yet another relationship with an innovative technology company which allows Modus Brands to offer our reseller partners even more choice and cutting-edge tech, so that they too can offer this to their own customers. Just as Gamevice are taking control to a new level, Modus Brands will always take the products and service we offer our customers to the very highest level too.