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Gamevice controllers for iPhone and iPad - Modus Brands

Rediscover your love of mobile gaming, or repurpose your tablet as a drone transmitter, with these innovative controllers.

gamevice ipad

Gamevice’s controllers for iPhone and iPad offer zero-latency joystick controls that allow you to have a real joystick to add a tactile control to your iOS device.

The Gamevice goes beyond gaming and is compatible with the DJI GO app allowing you to take to the skies and control your DJI Spark, Mavic or other DJI drone via its precise controls.

gamevice iphone

The Gamevice GV157 iPhone works with all iPhone models starting with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus all the way to the latest iPhone X, simply use the size adjuster switch on the underside of the controller.

The latest Gamevice models also include a handy lightning receptacle that supports pass through charging of the iOS device using the power adapter and cable that came with your iPhone or iPad.


The Gamevice has enabled me to have precise control over my DJI Spark and is much more intuitive than flying off the touch-screen controls of my iPhone.

Terry Walnut