Insta 360 One R Launch Event

Insta360's One R Modular Camera

Our private launch-event for the Insta360 One R was held in Waterloo, London to an invite-only selection of retailers and media.

Co-hosted with Insta360’s expert staff, their latest offering was revealed to a great reception, with hands-on demos following the product presentation.

What is the Insta360 One R?

The world’s first modular action camera, Insta360’s One R combines three cameras in one eco-system, comprising of:

  1. Insta360 One R with 1″ Sensor (co-engineered with Leica)
  2. Insta360 One R 4k Camera
  3. Insta360 One R Dual Lens 360

The system is powered by Insta360’s incredible AI enabled software with the following features:

  • Super 5.7k 360° Capture
  • 4k Wide-angle FlowState Stabilisation
  • Waterproof to depths of 5m
  • Smart functions such as Slow-Mo, Hyperlapse, and Point-to-track

Insta360 and Modus Brands

Insta360’s staff were extremely passionate about their company and the One R. It was clear to see a tremendous amount of work had gone on behind the scenes to bring us this latest release. Modus Brands staff were on-hand to support retailers with any questions they may have regarding availability and marketing potential.

We believe the One R is a key development in the action camera sector. It highlights the importance of an intuitive user experience in allowing customers to get the most from this cutting-edge combination of algorithms and imaging hardware.

Distributors of leading camera-technology

360° imaging has proved itself over the last few years as a technology that will continue to grow and improve users’ content. Modus Brands thrives to develop its sales channels for its brands, expanding our portfolio placing us at the forefront of new technologies.

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