Modus Brands expand to the Netherlands

Our subsidiary in the Netherlands

We are delighted to announce we have just established a subsidiary company in the Netherlands as a key part of our future growth strategy.  Located in Eindhoven, Modus Brands BV will oversee the development of RCG’s business in the Benelux area, and become the hub for our European operations going forward.

David Feakins, Founder and Group Managing Director, said “It has become vital post-Brexit for all ambitious UK companies to have a Legal Entity within the EU to safeguard the future in an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment. The Netherlands has a very business-friendly regime and is already a preferred location for many international companies as a European hub. This will give us the springboard we need to implement our European growth plans in the years ahead.”

Eindhoven has developed a solid reputation in recent years as a location for New Technology. Conveniently situated close to the German border, Eindhoven is the home of Philips, one of the great European technology pioneers, and boasts a fine infrastructure for today’s Tech Entrepreneurs.

Modus Brands BV will focus on RCG’s burgeoning business within the electric mobility area, where it has become a key player in the UK over the past 2 years, supplying a wide range of electric scooters and accessories.

About RCG Goup

RCG Group is a forward-thinking technology business with 3 distinct divisions headquartered in the U.K. with additional offices in Netherlands and China.

Modus Brands – is a vendor-friendly distributor that specialises in personal electric transport, digital imaging and emerging technologies. Our team has vast experience in retail, with a strong history in various product categories including drones, wearables and cameras.
RC Geeks is where our business began, a dynamic Direct to Consumer retail operation that grew from humble beginnings in to a leading remote control and gadget destination.
Decent – as the name suggests, our own brand of e-scooters offer a no-frills and affordable range of products which filled a gap in the market for our retail customers. With strong links to the East we have a good supply network and can be quick to market with superior products.
Our recent opening of our subsidiary in the Netherlands has allowed us to take our commercial advantage across borders and expand in to retail in Europe.