Introducing Incase – Minimalism and Quality Combined

With the world of aerial photography progressing at the speed it is, it’s only right that such high-quality engineering be coupled with only the best quality protection and carry cases - Introducing, Incase.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It’s time that the extreme quality hobbyists and professionals alike demand from their photography equipment is equally demanded from their protection and transportation products. Incase is the high quality, minimalist design company producing carry and protection cases for products from Apple to Sony and everything in between.

The world of photography, both aerial and otherwise, has been blown wide open with recent advancements in camera technology, whether it be the heavy heights of DJI’s Cinema grade X7, or the outstanding quality of the Insta 360 Pro 8k camera. Nowadays, you can’t just hop out into your back garden to take mind-blowing shots – you’ve got to travel. This, of course, requires lugging all of that expensive camera gear around – a boring and daunting task.

Bag Yourself a Stylish and Effective Incase Product

Incase are out to change the stigma. Blending quality, reliable fabrics with sleek and stylist designs – Incase changes the game in regard to transporting your kit. Providing an ever-growing range of bags supporting well-known brands such as DJI, GoPro and Cannon.

What excites us most about Incase is how their products are designed with synergy in mind. Every detail is thought through and each case is designed specifically to work in harmony with others. Let’s take, for example, the DSLR Pro Pack – not only does it boast a 33L capacity, with dividers for a DSLR with an attached lens, up to four additional lenses and multiple flashes. The bag also has space for the Incase DJI Mavic Drone Compression Case in the front compartment.

Further to this, the top range Incase products are made from 840D ballistic Nylon, a material first developed for flak jackets to be worn by airmen in WWII. Although it was retired due to not being able to stop bullets effectively enough, its more than capable of protecting our precious tech equipment.


It’s Not All About the Big Picture

Incase also provide a vast array of phone, tablet and watch cases, everyday backpacks, power banks and smart luggage. All of Incases’ products follow the same style and ethos – a minimalist, stylish product, with uncompromised quality. With a vast range supporting all kinds of product, Incase really are a brand to watch – coming soon to Modus Brands’ portfolio.

Modus Brands – More Than Just a Supplier

Here at Modus Brands, we select our products for resale very carefully – ensuring that you, and inevitably your customers, end up with only the highest quality, most effective products on the market.

This is all thanks to over 10 years of experience supplying retailers and resellers both in the UK and internationally. Our expertise within the imaging market is second to none, meaning we only source products we know will be in demand, and from manufacturers whose quality is guaranteed.

This combination of experience and knowledge together with our commitment to support every dealer we supply, is why we are the largest distributor of its type in the UK. So, if you are ready to expand by adding the Incase range to your portfolio, get in touch and let us help you grow your business.