Insta360 Titan UK Distribution

Introducing the Insta360 Titan - The cinematic VR camera

Modus Brands (UK distributor for Insta360) are pleased to announce UK distribution of the Insta360 Titan – the highest spec 360 camera we have seen.

Demand for cinematic 360 cameras

With more and more ways to consume 360 degree content on various different platforms, demand for 360 degree content has naturally increased year on year and with that; so has the expectations of the quality of content people produce. Insta360 have been dominating the 360 market with a range of products in both the consumer and professional markets with the likes of the One X to the Pro cameras to keep up with this demand.

Little over five months ago, Insta360 launched the Insta360 Pro 2, the most technically capable 360 degree camera on the market today – That was until they launched the Titan, an 11K, 8 lens, top of the line camera.

The original Insta360 Pro saw fantastic sales as it was the only other viable option against the Nokia Ozo. When the Insta360 Pro 2 launched, it followed this momentum as Insta360 took user feedback and implemented design changes that real life users wanted such as the farsight or the ability to record at 120 Mbps per lens. So where does the Titan fit in?

Why is the Insta360 Titan special?

The Insta360 Titan is as its name suggests, a titan of a camera. With a retail price of £15,000, you get some incredible specs which make it the perfect camera for cinematic VR content. It boasts the ability to shoot at a record high, 10560 x 5280 pixels making it one of the only cameras able to shoot at 11K. All of the sensors have gotten a big upgrade from the Pro 2 and now boasts eight Sony IMX269 micro four thirds sensors which means we can capture stunning HDF footage and photos with 10-bit colour.

Insta360 Titan flowstate stabilisation

The Titan also takes features from the Insta360 Pro such as the flowstate stabilisation which now uses a 9-axis gyro to allow the user to produce stabilised dynamic shots with no gimbal at all. We also have the return of the Farsight live monitoring technology which allows for low latency remote viewing up to 1km  away. Lastly, the Adobe Premiere Pro “No-stitch” editing integration is also included, something which will be needed when editing the high resolution content. The titan manages to do all of this while still remaining as easy to use as one of its consumer based cameras, an impressive feat on its own.

So who will use the Insta360 Titan?

It is important to note that the Insta360 Titan is a new product range and not a successor of the Insta360 Pro, with that said, the Titan really is an impressive advancement of the Pro cameras and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with this technology. The Titan has huge potential with production companies who have been wanting to really go for the cinematic photo video quality and it is aimed at the professionals in the market. We have seen Insta360 cameras go to the likes of Facebook, Sky TV and a magnitude of production companies – All of this makes the Titan a fantastic business to business product and something Modus brands is proud to supply.

Suppliers of the Insta360 Titan

Modus Brands has been distributing Insta360 for several years and during that time we have seen growing sales thanks to our understanding of both the products and the sales behind it. We provide extensive training and sales support to allow them to confidently answer any questions potential customers may have to secure the sale.

Our team can provide marketing and POS material to help you launch a new product line. We also offer after-sales help and support service to assist with repairs and warranties so your customers are kept happy and to keep costs down.

We are all about working together, your success is our success and our commitment to support our retails is why we are at the forefront of supplying new and exciting brands to the UK and Europe. If you’re interested in stocking Insta360 or any of our other brands, get in touch and let us help grow your business.