CES 2020 Technology Review

New brands and products at the show

With CES now finished for another year – and several brands returning home, we can reflect on some of the incredible new releases that will pave the way for technology for the coming year.

From robots to TV’s, cameras to drones – it was all there. The real challenge is identifying what will succeed out of such a large haystack.

At Modus Brands, we’re less interested in new old-tech such as smart TV’s or fridges, preferring to focus on disruptive new technologies that have the power to change categories and industries.

1. Imaging

The sectors we see the most potential in: In an ever-changing digital world, photos and video are overtaking the written word in daily communication. Advances in camera tech are bringing excitement and functionality to the user, with AI-enabled cameras producing targeted, professional media. As an example, Insta360’s One R brings a new modular design and industry-leading imaging technology to its price point.

2. Drones

With several drone brands at CES, it is clear to see many companies are hedging their bets that the ‘drone boom’ is still in its infancy. From waterproof craft to drones that work in unison to create a light show, innovation was rife. For many, it is hard to see past DJI’s dominance in the sector, especially with the recent release of the Mavic Mini that, yet again expertly meets the needs of their customers and will doubtlessly prove hugely popular.

3. Robotics

Growing every year, robotics are getting smarter and cheaper. We feel it is only a matter of time before they strike a chord with the mass consumer market. CES presented several business robots, in addition to consumer and STEM products such as those from UBTECH.

4. Personal Electric Transport

Personal Electric Transport Electric transport products were everywhere, and there is little doubt, that this is a very young and fast-growing category. Most noteworthy were products from industry leaders such as Segway-Ninebot.

5. Smart Home

Smart home and automation technologies are developing, and once we see real crossover and compatibility, customer uptake will surely rise. In the meantime, smart products that hold their own (such as smart scales) will continue to be popular amongst early adopters.

It was great to see so many great products and brands, and we are extremely excited to continue working with such innovative people and businesses as we move into 2020 and beyond.

At Modus Brands we’re always open to new innovative brands and if you feel your product fits into our portfolio, please reach out.