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Thanks to a combined experience of over 35 years, Modus Brands has quickly become a key distribution partner for professional video solutions from selected brands in the UK. We work closely with our partners to ensure that the high standards of the market are maintained and provide extensive training and sales support to allow them to confidently answer any questions potential customers may have to secure the sale. 


DJI has rapidly become a key player in the film making market, offering products from high end stabilisers all the way to drones and cameras. Thanks to our experience with DJI, Modus Brands has been the distributor of choice for the professional range featuring such as the Ronin 2.

DJI’s products are on the cutting-edge of technology thus ensuring our retailers have the backing they need is paramount. Because of this, we utilise key influencers in the professional film making industry to offer custom training days and Hands-on experience of the latest hardware for both potential customers and staff alike.


Insta360 has long been one of the leaders in the consumer 360° photo video market but with the launch of the pro range, it has now become a favourite solution for professional grade 360 video.

In 2018 Modus Brands was selected to run the launch event on behalf of Insta360 in the UK, providing filmmakers and content specialists from all around Europe, a first look at the camera.

Our experience with the 360° hardware market has meant that we have become the sole distributor for the Insta360 Professional range and have recently been selected to take on distribution of the Insta360 Titan - An 11K 360 Degree camera.


Came TV’s products are synonymous with innovation and quality light output. Responding quickly to the demands of emerging markets is one of their strong suits. Connecting Came TV to buyers, Modus Brands have a series of exclusive events planned for 2019, pairing vendors with influencer filmmakers to discuss the benefits of the products.

Modus Brands’ satellite offices provide a ‘live’ insight to tech-hotbeds in China and the US. This global view has ensured we are a-step-ahead of other distributors when it comes to sourcing new products from growing technology companies. Successfully introducing CameTV to a western market has reaffirmed both our methods and passion.

Pro Video Specialists

Modus Brands' discerning approach has resulted in a catalogue of high grade products from world-class manufacturers. Fluent in the technology, we are uniquely knowledgeable of modern filming solutions. You can be confident in dealing with our team who are dedicated to providing hardware for media professionals.