CAME-TV Lighting Launch with Philip Bloom

Exclusive London reveal of CAME-TV Pro lighting products

Modus Brands launched the CAME-TV professional lighting range to an invite-only event held in London. Our retailers had the opportunity to spend time with CAME-TV products and learn about the range, price points and any unique selling points.

CAME-TV & Philip Bloom

Modus Brands invited award-winning filmmaker Philip Bloom for his invaluable industry experience and unbiased opinions. Having first-hand experience with CAME-TV equipment Philip favours CAME-TV for their high quality and lightweight design.

We learned of the many times that Philip had used CAME-TV lighting on his shoots, many of which have been abroad and with a small crew, where lightweight reliable lighting was a necessity.

A highlight of the range was the Boltzen 55w Fresnel, as shown on CAME-TV’s website.

CAME-TV’s Lighting Range

We showcased some key products, such as CAME-TV’s ring light, soft panel, RGB strip light and Boltzen Fresnels. This encompassed a good selection that Philip had used many times in the field, and both were portable and mains powered.

Modus Brands is a distributor does not sell directly to end-users, however, our guests had strong customers bases in both consumer and professional sectors. With Philips first-hand experience, he was able to demonstrate the lighting with conviction, and after a range overview and Q&A session, Modus Brands staff were on hand to discuss commercials and store ranging.

Modus Brands – CAME-TV Distributor

Overall, the lights were ‘warmly’ received. At Modus Brands we understand the importance of introducing a brand to all stakeholders within a business. The success of a brand goes a lot further than just a quality product, and we’re advocates of supporting our brands and customers in the long-term.

If you’re a retailer who sells video lighting and interested in CAME-TV, please get in touch with us today.