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Mixing high specification hardware, modern design and unbeatable pricing, Xiaomi’s Mi is set to take over the world

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Incredible Growth

Founded in 2010, Mi believe that high-quality tech shouldn’t cost a fortune. They create hardware and software solutions, many paired with smartphone apps and internet services.

From fitness trackers to lightbulbs, scooters to headphones. power banks to smartphones; Mi offer a dizzying selection of intelligent products, popular worldwide.

Mi smartphone location

Smartphone Success

Having sold over 32 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2018 alone, their market share continues to grow. Estimates suggest that they are already market leaders in India and the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world, trailing only Samsung, Huawei and Apple.

Responding to customers personally importing handsets, Mi have partnered with telecommunications provider Three, to officially provide and support handsets in the UK.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Working with manufacturers, Mi have ensured their products all conform to a common aesthetic that customers can easily identify. The products feature uncluttered looks and clean surfaces, following a function-over-form approach. This minimal, almost ‘industrial’ design-language resonates with image conscious consumers the world over.

Mi global expansion

Global Expansion

Operating on a vertically-integrated model, Mi are able to offer users products at near or below material-cost. Such competitive pricing has made items considered high-end, more attractive, resulting in huge product uptake from new customers.

Expanding into markets in India, Mexico and now mainland Europe in 2017, Mi have gone from strength to strength, building a fanbase with global reach.

Its own version of the Android operating system, customised with its own MIUI skin and bespoke app store, retain a community of users in their ecosystem. Sales from this platform reached $750 million in 2015.

Mi devices

Incredible Product Diversity

Through their global community of subsidiaries (brands such as Roborock, Yeelight, Mijia and Poco) Mi offer an all encompassing product selection.

From smartphones to cameras, panoramic cameras, backpacks, wallets, shoes, scarves, jackets, socks, USB power banks, memory pillows, bath towels, scooters, bedding, chopsticks, thermos, knives, bottles, playing cars, umbrellas, mouse pads, sunglasses, musical instruments and spare parts to maintain them all.

Mi Cleaner

MI : A Natural Fit

Our offices worldwide provide the global reach needed to connect with upcoming products. Fluent in emerging technologies, you can be confident dealing with us, experienced distributors in the electronics sector, dedicated to providing hardware for both professionals and amateurs alike.

The UK is a key market for us and our products cannot be beaten in price or quality.

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