Success story


Mating contemporary design, engineering excellence and a mastery of marketing, Unagi are set to command the premium scooter sector.

The Unagi team


Headed by a CEO with a proven track record of start-up success, Unagi’s team is based in Oakland California. Born from a kickstarter crowdfunded startup, they set out to build the ultimate personal transport vehicle, designed for adults from the ground up. The resulting ‘Model One’ folding electric scooter has impressed critics, who claim it is the first truly premium product of the sector.

Regulation caps in terms of the accessibility of scooter shares across the US, have analysts forecasting an increased demand for scooter ownership in the next five years. Targeting a revenue of 1 billion USD in 2025, Unagi aim to obtain 10% of the future ‘owned’ scooter market.

Unagi Model One


Evolving their initial design through over 30 prototypes, the resulting powerful, twin-motor, E500 edition of the Model One is surely the last word in refinement. Realising that form can be retained without sacrificing function, it has no visible wires, no bulky dashboard and lacks the unsightly securing latches of its competitors.

Exotic lightweight materials are extensively employed in the construction. Carbon fibre and magnesium alloy are employed in the construction of the upright and handlebar, adding to the air of quality whilst maximising potential cruising range. A bespoke internal latching mechanism with all the refinement of a swiss watch ensures simple folding of the scooter for secure portage.

Airless, puncture proof tyres and regenerative braking make for minimal maintenance requirements. Expertly finished in one of four metallic paint colours, the Model One has an air of refinement devoid in the competition. It truly is a premium product that justifies its premium price.

Unagi Model One folding


The model one is an antidote to the utilitarian basic performance models that make up the bulk of the market.It is a product that provides both high performance and an elevated aesthetic, targeting the fashion conscious consumers who frequent the luxury goods segment.

In touch with these customers, Unagi provide the exceptional, luxurious unboxing experiences they have come to expect. Unagi also understands that premium, high value goods require more than just a superior product and are committed to providing supreme after-sales service.

Masters of marketing, Unagi have leveraged their connections with internationally famous celebrities and influencers. The results speak for themselves, steering consumer perception and further extending brand reach.

DJI M200 Surveying


Following our experience and aspirations in the personal transport sector, Unagi’s product portfolio was a natural fit with Modus Brands’ expansion plans and customer base. We were perfectly placed to link inventive, expanding companies such as Unagi, to appropriate retailers in the UK market.

Our offices worldwide provide the global reach needed to connect with upcoming products. Informed in the personal electric vehicle sector, you can be confident dealing with us, experienced distributors in the electronics sector.


It has been a pleasure partnering with Unagi, often being referred to as the 'Apple of e-scooters' they are creators of the best and most sought after products in the growing e-mobility category

David - Modus Brands