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Born out of a personal requirement for portable powerpacks, Omnicharge has grown to be internationally recognised as the portable power pack solution for professionals.

Omnicharge USB


Born out of personal needs as creatives, designers, engineers, and mobile professionals, the Omnicharge team crafted the perfect powerpack that met their demanding needs.

From their crowdfunded roots on indiegogo, Omnicharge experienced rapid expansion reaching full marketplace fulfilment in an impressively short period. Leveraging the resulting large following, they have expanded their product line providing products for demanding creatives who exist in a time sensitive environment.


Modus Brands are always looking for solutions where the application of new technologies address common problems in a new light. Devices such as those produced by Omnicharge offer a complimentary product line, an ideal fit within our our ever expanding categories.

Omnicharge USB C


Omnicharge power packs adapt to the devices attached based on their optimal voltage levels, monitoring the out and inflow to ensure both the Omnicharge and device are operating optimally but also safely. Their patent protected universal charging solutions utilise software to ensure charging and discharging processes are handled efficiently and reliably.

Now with several models on the market, Omnicharge have ensured there is a unit that will perfectly integrate with any professional’s kit bag. This growing product portfolio allows them to mirror technical directions on other platforms such as Apple’s move away from standard USB ports, with a USB-C focused model of their own.

Omnicharge Powerstation

Beyond the end-user intelligent-battery-packs, Omnicharge has expanded to support enterprise requirements with the release of the Power Station. An intelligent multi-unit power docking station, the Power Station can charge 10 fully-depleted portable power-banks from the mains in under 3 hours - a solution that has been used across industry as well as at Penn State University.

Omnicharge versatility


When it comes to portable power banks, product versatility is key to both the sector and the customer. Omnicharge’s AC/HVDC outputs, rapid charging USB ports, direct DC output, pass through charging and large 20,000 mAh+ capacity batteries combined with OLED readouts, combine to produce the most flexible units on the market.

Few competitors are able to offer advanced features like an AC outlet in such a svelte package. The lightweight (sub 500g) compact (12x12x3cm) units are truly portable and offer an efficient and reliable charging experience that is unmatched.

Omnicharge potential


With an increasing reliance (internationally) on portable electronics, it is evident that the market for portable powerpacks is still growing. Omnicharge are perfectly placed to take advantage of this, their intelligent products capable of charging a large variety of products, such as laptops, phones, tablets, DSLR cameras, drones, small home appliances and more.

Omnicharge’s product line uniquely complements our drone and photographic categories, allowing Modus Brands to offer vendors bespoke packages for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Omnicharge versatility


Modus Brands are always looking for promising new tech and categories that show real potential. Our teams in the UK, China and the North America provide the global reach we need to connect with upcoming products. Fluent in the technology, you can be confident dealing with Modus Brands, experienced distributors for the portable electronics sector, dedicated to providing hardware for both professionals and amateurs alike.


Omnicharge has been a winning match for Modus Brands, pairing nicely with our ranges of portable tech products

David - Modus Brands